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As of April 2024 it is still unsafe and even dangerous for severe ME/CFS patients attending NHS hospitals. Patients continue to suffer, be kept against their will in overstimulating and stressful environments, disbelieved by staff and pressured into psychiatric or exercise based 'treatments' due to poor understanding of the condition and staff refusing to comply with 2021 NICE guidelines.

In 1993 a TV segment 'ME is still not taken seriously' aired featuring an interview with an ME patient who, was a teenager, was taken from his parents and tortured by psychiatrists who were convinced his condition was psychosomatic and that he had 'school phobia'. Ean Proctor (who physically could not lift his arms to swim) was dropped in a swimming pool, banned from seeing his family and kept against his will. 

One of the psychiatrists involved in removing Ean from his parents - Mr Simon Wessely - later denied his involvement and to this day is on the NHS Board of Directors and has been frequently awarded and promoted regardless of the unethical treatment towards ME/CFS patients that he's instructed and participated in for decades


"The mother of a woman who died after being discharged from hospital with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) says the NHS has no way to treat the condition. Maeve Boothby-O'Neill died aged 27 at home in Exeter in October 2021. A recent legal hearing into Maeve's death heard there was a gap in NHS services for severely ill ME patients."

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